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Regulations of Interlibrary Loan Services
in the Library of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

1. Lending books/documents from the other libraries.

1.1. Users of the Library, University empoyees, teachers and students - Reader's Card holders may use interlibrary loan services.

1.2. If a book/document is not in the LUES Library or any library in Vilnius, readers may order it through the Interlibrary Loan Department of the LUES Library.

1.3. To order a book/document users must fill in an application form.

1.4. Users may order 5 items a year. Expences are covered by the faculty. If a user orders more books/documents or has no dean's permission he/she covers the difference in the accountant's office of LUES.

1.5. The borrowed originals are not delivered home. They are to be read in the LUES Library.

1.6. A lending library designates the terms of return of a book/document.

1.7. Interlibrary loan services are paid by the faculty (dean's permission is necessary) or by the reader himself/herself in the accountant's office of LUES. The readers should pay for:

1.7.1. Copies: (the cost is set by a lending library);

1.7.2. Books/documents : (if the cost is required by a lending library);

1.7.3. Mail expences.

1.8. If a document is lost or damaged a borrower must pay the amount the lending library requires.

1.9. If a user fails to pay for the services provided, the money is surcharged from the salary/schorlarship or exacted according to the laws in force in Lithuania.

1.10. The borrowers who do not follow the regulations lose the right to use interlibrary loan services.

2. Lending books/documents to other libraries.

2.1. The Library of LUES decides what documents could be lent and for what term.

2.2. The cost for the service to Lithuanian libraries:

2.2.1. Loans for books/documents : free (mail expenses are necessary to the lending library);

2.2.2. Charge for copies is defined according to the LUES Library's terms; mail expenses are added;

2.2.3. Mail expenses depend on the postal charges of Lithuania.

2.3. The cost for the service to external borrowers/foreign libraries:

2.3.1. Copies (up to 10 pages) are charged half of IFLA voucher; for 1-20 pages - 1 IFLA voucher, etc.;

2.3.2. A book/document is charged 1 IFLA voucher;

2.3.3. The invoice for the interlibrary loan services is sent with a book/document.