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Approved by Rector
24 September, 2012.
Ruling no. 1-31


1. The library (thereinafter: Library) of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (thereinafter: University) is a structural division of the University. The Library works under the Republic of Lithuania laws, Government acts, Approved Standards of Lithuania, the statute of the University, Rector's rulings, regulations of the Library and these rules (thereinafter: Rules).

2. Notions used in the Rules:

2.1. Library collection - all the documents available to the Library users: Documents amassed in the Library and electronic information resources available for distance access with permanent or temporary access subscriptions;
2.2. Document - used and protected information storage medium: book, periodical publication, manuscript, audio and (or) visual, cartographical, electronic or otherwise information-presenting resource;
2.3. Electronic information resources - publicly accessible on-line information resources; commercial/subscription databases (accessible on-line or through CDs); electronic journals; electronic books; electronic catalogues; other electronic publications;
2.4. User - a person who was given the right to use the Library under the regulations set by these Rules.

3. The Library collection is protected under the country's laws.

4. The Library guarantees access to the documents and electronic information resources for all users irrespective of the authors' political or ideological orientation or such information detected within the documents.

5. Users must use the electronic information resources according to the conditions specified in the licencing agreement.

6. Use of the Library is free except for services included in the "List of paid library services", approved by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. The costs of the paid services are approved by the University Rector.

7. The Library will have certain dates, noted on its website, when the regular service will not be available. These days are meant to renew the electronic information resources, improve and develop the Library staff qualifications, clean the Library premises and complete other internal tasks.


8. Registration:

8.1. Registered users of the Library may be: University students, staff, representatives from institutions with which agreements for the use of Library resources are made, foreign students who have come to the University through exchange and other programmes, other individuals;
8.2. The students and staff of the University are registered in the information system of the Library by transferring their information from the University student and staff databases;
8.3. Students from other universities have to present a valid student's identification document for registration;
8.4. Other individuals are registered in the Library with their passport or personal identity card information and after having paid a registration fee determined by the University and getting a reader's pass for one year;
8.5. Representatives of legal entities are registered with the institution's official request certified by the main head of the institution and identification information of the person authorised to take the documents;
8.6. Foreign students and lecturers coming to the University through exchange and other programmes are registered according to a list presented by the International Relations Office of the University;
8.7. Users gain the right to use the Library services only after confirming with their signature that they have read and understood these Rules and will uphold them.

9. Loan of documents:

9.1. Valid University student, staff and reader's identification documents issued for the community of the University are documents allowing the identification of the person in the Library's information system and giving the right to borrow the documents home;
9.2. Users who have a valid reader's pass but are not members of the University community have the right to use the Library documents and electronic information resources only in the reading rooms;
9.3. The scanning of the identification document barcode when lending a document is treated as the user's signature;
9.4. The documents are lent in accordance to a booking registered in the electronic catalogue of the Library;
9.5. The documents are lent for a period ranging from 2 weeks to half a year, depending on their demand and the number of copies in the Library;
9.6. Documents gained through inter-library loan (ILL) from other libraries, rare and especially valuable documents are not lent to take home;
9.7. Documents are lent for a set period of time. If the document is not returned before the period's expiration date, a fine is calculated;
9.8. Only a single copy of the same name is lent to a user;
9.9. All persons registered in the Library may read in the reading rooms;
9.10. Registered users may order needed documents that are not available in the Library from other Lithuanian or foreign libraries through ILL. The ordering process is regulated by the ILL rules and regulations.


10. Users have the right to:

10.1. Use the documents, electronic information resources and services offered by the Library in the determinate order;
10.2. Use the Library's computers and other equipment. The determinate order of such use is regulated by the "Rules for the use Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences Library computers and other equipment";
10.3. Renew the return date of borrowed documents;
10.4. Copy, laminate, bind, scan and print documents;
10.5. Write information to digital storage devices;
10.6. Visit exhibitions and other events organised in the Library;
10.7. Get the information about the services and catalogue offered by the Library;
10.8. Express their opinion (in a spoken, written or electronic way) on the work and offered services of the Library, offer how to improve the work of the Library.

11. The users are obliged to:

11.1. Protect and care for the used Library documents and other assets. To inform the Library staff of noticed defects or breakdowns;
11.2. Not to change the order in which the Library collection is organised and not to take documents from the Library premises without the permission of Library staff; 11.3. Use the electronic information resources only for educational and personal reasons, adhere to the rules provided in licencing agreements;
11.4. Keep quiet and not to disturb other users and staff in the Library. Users must also not use mobile phones inside reading rooms;
11.5. Return the documents before the loan expiration date. Users must pay a late fee penalty ratified by the University Rector for returning a document late;
11.6. Immediately inform the Library staff of a lost student's or reader's identification document or changed personal details;
11.7. Show personal belongings to the Library staff in the event of document security alarm going off;
11.8. Adhere to these and other rules ratified by the University Rector.

12. User responsibilities:

12.1. Users who have lost or irreparably damaged a Library document must replace it with an identical copy or a document accepted by the Library as having equal value, or to repay a cost equal to ten times the market value of the said item;
12.2. Documents stamped by other libraries are not accepted;
12.3. Users who have returned the document of a same name as borrowed but with a different barcode are held responsible as if having lost the document;
12.4. Users who have not informed the Library of a lost student's or reader's identification document are held responsible for all actions carried out with these lost documents;
12.5. Users who have signed in with their passwords are held responsible for all actions carried out while using the Library's information system and electronic information resources;
12.6. Students finishing or temporary suspending their studies and before vacation time; and members of staff after discontinuing their work agreement in the University, before long-term vacation or internships abroad, must return all borrowed documents to the Library;
12.7. Users who have broken these Rules may have their Library usage rights limited or suspended under the decision of the Library's director. A respective dean or head of the department will be informed of the misconduct.